Seed Club is a DNO (Digital Native Organization) empowering tokenized communities through mentorship, thought leadership, and programming. The Accelerator is a 3 month program focused on helping organizations make as much progress as possible towards building something people want to be a part of. The program is flexible to meet the needs of each specific team, but the cornerstones of the experience are weekly office hours with partners and advisors, candid talks and discussions with prominent web3 founders, and peer to peer sessions with the other founders in the cohort.

Project site:
2 wireframes facing inward. Left is the home screen. Right Profile page

Year / Platform

2022 / web3

Team Role

Form Architect

Project manager - Danny Esp.  Visual Design - Peacenode. Developer - Harry. Project Lead - Josh C.



Eventually SC wants to move to having rolling applications for the accelerator (you can always apply) but aren't ready with all the processes around that. For now just a light form that captures interest so they can then run informational sessions and meet exciting projects before the actual application window opens for SC06.In the past Airtable was the go to but it wasn’t ideal and isn't branded.

Branding should be at the core. The link will be hosted very prominently on the landing page of the application portal and possibly a link on the seed club main site but its flexible.

Value Proposition

The early interest form encapsulates a pivotal value proposition by establishing a direct and effortless connection with potential projects, reflecting its versatility across diverse scenarios. Functionality comes to the fore during inquiries, events generating amplified attention, and organic interactions on our website.

By seamlessly integrating the early interest form, we create an avenue that not only captures but also nurtures promising collaborations, positioning us as proactive participants within the web3 landscape.

The form's inherent power lies in its ability to unify and amplify our engagement efforts. It acts as an enabler for seamless communication, leverages aggregated attention, and fortifies our online presence, all contributing to the realization of our overarching vision within the web3 domain.
Seamless connection
Aggregated Engagement
Strategic Organic Presence

User Profile

Meet "The Early Bird," an enthusiastic explorer of the web3 frontier, ready to take flight in the realm of tokenized communities. Fueled by knowledge and driven by innovation, she's eager to embrace Seed Club's support to bridge the gap between ideas and action. With a keen eye on emerging trends and disruptive technologies, The Early Bird is set to soar with Seed Club's accelerator, carving her path to success in the dynamic world
of web3.



In the project's early stages, the primary focus revolved around enabling seamless application submission and subsequent edits for aspiring participants. One of the three stewards strongly advocated for this feature, emphasizing its importance. However, as the project evolved, the team made a pivot, opting to begin with a basic application form and gradually incorporate more complexity over time. This initial direction, emphasizing the convenience of returning applicants, is reflected in the user flow outlined below.
After crafting the user flow and discussing the direction we presented it to the stakeholders. The TLDR takeaway was crystal clear: the Accelerator team sought a solution that was simple, swift, and required minimal effort. While we had meticulously designed a thoughtful and comprehensive, the stakeholders expressed a preference for streamlining the process, aiming for a more expedited approach.

This response presented an interesting challenge. Our team had invested considerable time and effort organizing the direction and timetable to ensure a thoughtful and intuitive experience for applicants. However, the stakeholders' desire for a swift solution emphasized the need to strike a delicate balance between efficiency and user experience.

With this valuable feedback in mind, we initiated a collaborative effort to refine the user flow, ensure the forms simplicity while accommodating the Accelerator team's need for speed. We revisited our designs, reevaluating each step to identify opportunities for streamlining without compromising the core functionality.
Having prior experience in form design, I was moderately familiar with corporate UX best practices. However, I soon realized that web3's novel experiences didn't always align peacefully with these conventional approaches. Complications arose when the visual designer insisted on using components and elements exclusively from the accelerator's existing design, which unfortunately had a less than stellar reputation for user experience.

In an effort to advocate for better form practices within the accelerator, I presented numerous articles and resources to the project manager, supporting each proposed change to the form. The PM expressed agreement with many of the decisions, if not all. However, the visual designer opposed the use of radial buttons and dropdowns, citing their absence in the current design library. Despite David's passionate advocacy for these alterations, he eventually deferred to the brand ambassador's preferences.

Navigating these challenges reminded me of the importance of striking a balance between established UX best practices and the unique demands of web3 experiences. While some compromises were made, I remained committed to advocating for user-centric improvements, aiming to enhance the accelerator's form and contribute to a more positive user experience for its applicants.


Final Thoughts

My involvement with the network led to an unexpected departure before the project's completion, leaving me without the opportunity to witness the success metrics or observe the final outcome. As a result, I was unable to gain insights into the project's impact or assess its overall performance.
While I regret not being able to see the project through to its conclusion, there is a possibility that I might access the project online when the accelerator window opens. With fingers crossed, I hope to glimpse the fruits of our labor and witness how the user flow and form improvements have contributed to a more seamless and empowering application process for aspiring participants.
Feel free to ask me any questions or just say hi!