— Seed Club is a DNO (Digital Native Organization) empowering tokenized communities through mentorship, thought leadership, and programming. The dynamic Seed Club Network is a private platform that serves visionary SC Alumni, offering answers, connections, and insights into new trends. Our goal is to embrace a vibrant communities, unlock the potential of innovative ideas and navigate the world of tokens, crypto, and web3.

Project site:
2 wireframes facing inward. Left is the home screen. Right Profile page

Year / Platform

2022 / web3

Team Role

UX Architect

Project manager - Danny Esp.  
Visual Design - Peacenode.
Developer - Harry.
Project Lead - Josh C.



The project lead approached us with a compelling vision: to create a private community akin to Y Combinator's renowned platform, Bookface. The challenge was clear—to design a dynamic and thriving digital space that fosters connections, knowledge-sharing, and growth among web3 founders.

Our mission : Craft a platform that not only met the needs of visionary web3 founders but also bridged the gap between knowledge and action in the realm of tokenized communities. This meant delving into the unexplored territory of web3, where the landscape is ever-changing, and emerging trends demand adaptable solutions.

Value Proposition

Initial research indicated a potential gap in the market for a specialized private community tailored to graduates of startup accelerators. However, due to time constraints, no comprehensive external research had been conducted at that point. Instead, we were fortunate to receive valuable insights from a representative well-versed in the startup ecosystem.

They emphasized the immense benefits such a platform would offer to accelerators' graduates, helping them harness the power of collaboration and convert social capital into tangible digital assets.
Knowledgeable Community
web3 based
Woman with back turn facing laptop screen. Laptop shows mockup of SC Network home screen.

User Profile

Meet "The Founder," a visionary on a mission to unlock collaboration's true potential in tokenized communities. Leveraging Seed Club's support, she bridges the gap between knowledge and action, embracing emerging trends and disruptive technologies to drive innovation. Passionate, dedicated, and forward-thinking, The Founder embodies Seed Club's spirit of empowering communities to thrive in the dynamic world of web3.



For approximately a week I worked closely with the PM engaging in brainstorming sessions to explore potential comparable experiences and social networks. We also took a glimpse at Bookface for inspiration. The project manager requested wireframes for various features, such as internal and email notifications, a funding section, and booking calls with stewards, etc. Below is the breadboard we created.
However, a point of tension emerged during this process. As a web3 team, our diverse backgrounds and preferences sometimes led to conflicts, which could also be beneficial in generating new ideas. The visual designer expressed doubts about the project's merit, resulting in a few stalls and challenges to move forward.
Working in multidisciplinary teams can bring challenges as prototypes can cause confusion/alarm due to fidelity inconsistencies. I advocated for testing during the low-fidelity phase to gather early insights, and the project manager supported the idea. However, the project owner objected, expressing concerns about delicacy in interacting with the community. We compromised on light testing with members from other teams, and it proved fruitful, uncovering concerns about roles, responsibilities, brand consistency, budgets, and project efficacy.

After a week of meetings and collaborative brainstorming sessions (fig jams), we finally received the green light to proceed.

The main changes:
- The visual designer taking more ownership.
- The development team jumping straight into high-fidelity design.
- Hold off on several features that would add too much complexity.

With the go-ahead, we were set to forge ahead, resolving challenges and laying the groundwork for the next phase of the project.
Affinity Map


Version 1

To better the user experience, I suggested we spit the platform's search features into member/organization as well as using Markdown for threads. Markdown empowered users to create captivating and interactive posts, sparking vibrant community discussions.
Version 1 High Fidelity Mock ups
Version one was designed to resemble a folder, but we decided to move away from traditional approaches. We discarded ideas like double-aligned feeds, direct messaging, and top-right notification/profile placements, as well as the hashtags system. While these concepts mimicked other platforms, they weren't our preferred choice. In the world of web3, UX priorities can differ, and novel experiences can hold equal value. Embracing innovation, we forged a unique path to craft an extraordinary user experience.

Final Version

In the final version, the visual designer opted for a layout similar to Twitter's, featuring a left-aligned navigation bar and a notifications option within the menu. The chosen aesthetic embraced a flat design with minimal shadows, complemented by large radial gradients that elegantly handled pop-ups.
Version 2 High fidelity
This sleek and contemporary approach ensured a visually striking and immersive user interface, enhancing the overall user experience on the platform.


Due to the platform's private nature and my discontinued involvement, obtaining permission to share the current prototype has been restricted to static screens. At the time of my departure from the project, only a few animated interactions were implemented. Although I'm unable to provide a fully interactive prototype, the static screens still showcase the visual design and layout that were developed during my involvement in the project.

Final Thoughts

Mobile High Fidelity Wires
In this project, I delved deep into the intricate workings of social platforms, uncovering the nuances of messaging, engagement metrics, and the complexities of prioritizing content. Exploring various offerings and identifying pain points provided invaluable insights, shaping my understanding of web3's ever-evolving landscape

The project's multicultural team, spanning five different countries, brought its unique blend of perspectives and challenges. Despite the discomfort and varied personalities, I'm grateful for the growth and confidence this experience inspired in me. The PM's valuable insights on Press Releases as a way to validate ideas proved invaluable.
Feel free to ask me any questions or just say hi!